The Dinosaur nearly drowned!

The last two and a half weeks have been absolutely crazy.

With great enthusiasm I embarked on this my new venture, reading a new book on my way to Rome with some family members.  The book is by Timothy Ferris and titled The 4 Hour Work Week – Escape the 9-5, live anywhere  and join the new rich. You might ask, how can a serious Dinosaur like me contemplate to buy a book with such a horrendous claim in its title?

Reading the book on the plane on my iPhone, and the following days in Rome on my iPad I got completely hooked. So much that I woke up in the middle of the nights and spent the early mornings reading and working on it, before sightseeing with the family.

Ferris project is to increase your personal output working fewer hours in your One-Person Company, so you can take mini retirements of 1-3 months duration once in a while and pursue special hobbies or travel to exotic places. The increased output is not achieved by working harder, but by working much smarter and using the many opportunities in this new world to get others to do a lot of the work.

I got so many ideas for new One-Person Companies and how to do it, I nearly drowned, which is quite the opposite of flying. But I am managing my time much better now and much more focused on what is important for me.

More in my next post.

Yours Dino, Jens

Actions for Dinosaurs

  • Read your books on Kindle, where you can access the book from all units SmartPhone, Tablet and Computer, highlight passages, make notes to the text and access a dictionary for difficult words. Plus you can have your whole library with you for reference. I read my book on an iPhone during the flight and on an iPad in our apartment.
  • Use the app Evernote to organize all your notes, sites, useful information, documents and pictures and have it all accessible from SmartPhone, Tablet and Computer with a very effective search function. I have started organizing everything regarding this project on Evernotes
  • When you use Kindle for literature and Evernotes for collected information you have everything on your devices and can take your whole office with you, and work wherever you are, e.g. Rome!
  • If you want the real picture, buy Ferris’ book, The 4 hour work week and visit his site
  • If not, you can follow my take on his ideas in future posts





The Dinosaur goes live

I’m Jens Lage Hansen. I have had an International career in Danish Global Corperations establishing or developing companies as CEO or Chairman of the Board in Europe and Latin America. I have also been External associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School in Strategy, Organisational Development, Leadership and Internationalisation and participated in the startup of two high technology companies Aquaporin A/S and Intomics A/S as Chairman of the Board.

I recently by recommendation from my eldest son read Exponential Organizations by Salim Ismail, and studying more books and the Internet, I suddenly realized I am becoming a dinosaur. A lot I have practiced as manager and taught is rapidly becoming obsolete as new information and other technologies the last 10 years are creating totally new ways of starting, building and organizing companies. And these exponential organizations are blowing established companies out of the water.

I am interested in investigating the new opportunities and writing about them, also because for 20 years I have had a dream of starting a One-Person Company, but never did any serious effort to do it. Now studying what is happening around us, I can see that the opportunities and tools to do a startup and a One-Person Company have vastly improved.

This blog is about learning a business dinosaur to fly in the new space with big opportunities, but also big risks for land based dinosaurs. And in the process look at the new possibilities for making One-Person Company startups. I am writing it for professionals like me and others interested (although I suspect few of you have my age! ), who are not really aware, what is happening, but are interested in learning to fly with me.

Please give me some feed-back now or along the way under comments, so I can satisfy your needs in the best possible way. What do you think on the subject? What do you need? What would make you recommend the blog to a friend? What would you like in the blog besides my journey into unchartered waters?

You also have the possibility to press the “follow” icon on the screen and automatically receive new posts when I publish them.

Yours Dino, Jens